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Our Expertize

San Piling, We are a team of professional

We are experts in Cast In-situ Bored piling of any diameter piles which have the range of (600-2000) mm diameter. Further we are experts in advanced shoring systems such as secant piling. Also San Piling is experts in static load testing such as Maintain Load tests. Further we can Handle Pile tests such as Sonic Caliper test and Cross-hole Sonic Logging test.

Structural Piling

Structural-PilingWe are experts in structure piles (Cast in-situ bored piling) of various diameters from 600mm to 2000mm. Currently we are equipped with 7 boring rigs which can easily drive any diameter Structure pile of up to 48m depth. We are one of reputed companies in Sri Lanka for best quality structural piles which are being done with maximum quality assurance and quality control measures. We have completed structure piles of many mega projects including Altair residencies, Colombo City Center, AVIC Astoria, Shangri–La, Orion Towers, Outer circular Highway, Lafarge (Colombo Harbor) and etc. Total no of structural piles driven by the San Piling within 5 years of its enormous carrier are over 4000.

Excavation & Shoring

Excavation-ShoringWe are Experts in Bulk excavations and advance shoring systems such as Sheet piling. We have our own machinery and equipment for excavation work and use modern techniques for the shoring such as soil nailing and retaining walls. We have successfully completed bulk excavations in Mega projects.

Diaphragm Wall Construction

We are Experts in Diaphragm Wall Construction as an advance shoring system. We have our own machinery and equipment for Diaphragm Wall Construction. We have successfully completing the Achilleion twin towers project at Colombo-04 and LTL mixed development project at Colombo-02 Mega projects.

Secant Piling

Secant-PilingWe are experts in advanced shoring systems such as secant pile walls. We are well organized with relevant specialists with enough knowledge to address any kind of problem regarding secant piles than any piling company in Sri Lanka. Further we can secant piles at higher speed with maximum quality control and quality assurance. We have successfully completed secant walls of many mega projects including Shangri – La, Avic Astoria, Pearl grand hotel and etc.

Machine Hiring

pilling-Machine-HiringWe are Experts in machine hiring including Boring Rigs, Excavators, Crawler cranes, Dump trucks and Fork lifts. Mechanical division of San Piling controls the Machinery and all of them are well maintained by them. We have our own service center and service crew. They are specialists in fleet management. None of breakdowns are outsourcing and we have specialist mechanics and resources to repair them. Therefore our machineries are also with good condition and we can outsource them any time any where according to our client’s requirements.

MLT (Maintain Load Tests)

Maintain-Load-TestsWe are specialists in Maintain Load tests for any diameter pile with any capacity. We are well equipped with all the testing apparatus including our own testing cubes (Concrete cubes). Further we are well organized with relevant specialists with enough knowledge to address any kind of problem regarding Maintain Load Tests. We have performed Maintain load Tests for many mega projects including Havelock City, Shangri – La, Orion City, Mattakkuliya Urban Regeneration Project, WPC Battaramulla, and Altair Residencies, Avic Astoria, Colombo City Center, Lafarge harbor and etc.

Pile Hacking

pile-hackingWe are Experts in Pile Hacking. We can hack piles of any diameter within short duration as we use our own developed techniques such as splitting. We have our own machinery and equipment for pile hacking including jam breakers, hand held breakers with Diamond tips, splitters. Further we have well experienced specialists for pile hacking and supervision. We have done Pile hacking 90% of projects we have completed piling so far including almost all the Mega Piling projects we completed in piling.

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